Traditional Trekking has always been a tough one. It breaks your legs, aches your back, pains  your butt, there is the fun of it when you reach its final point-that is-reaching ‘the final destination’. Your entire trek trip will rejuvenate you in a more powerful way. We have our partners with to organise trek tours to different trekking locations in Himalaya.

Equipment at disposal

All you requirement readily available with us. Leave logistics supply to us, and enjoy there journeyers!

Emergency Tips for trekkers

  1. Kindly do a back-ground check of a trekking institution you are hiring.
  2. Inspect Trekking Company's legitimacy online. Check address, contact numbers, contact mails, physical address existence.
  3. Keep your near and dear ones updated as you embark on long trek. Keep your current location active and known to your family and friends.
  4. Enter your journal records of official hiring of a trekking company.
  5. Ensure your whereabouts to your loved one.
  6. Be updated with your supplies and logistics.
  1. Kindly do not reach local unprofessional street guides around Manali; for that matter anywhere in the world.
  2. Do not go trekking in night hours.
  3. Avoid visiting secluded place with strangers.
  4. Avoid being involved in huge crowd gatherings especially if you are a female.
  5. Please do not entertain strangers, beggars, street vendors.

Please Dial number 100 in case of life threatening emergencies (Dial number 100 from any phone). Below is the list of few emergency phone numbers in all over India and handy for trekkers.

Contact Department

Contact Number

  • Police Department


  • Fire Department


  • Ambulance Services


  • Women Helpline


  • Road Accident Emergency Service


  • Children In Difficult Situation


  • Tourist Helpline

1363 or 1800111363

In addition, Keep a track of contact numbers of travel/trekking agency hired services with.

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