Hotel Booking Policy

  1. By booking online, booking reservation will be blocked for one day (24 hours), upon confirmation of payment by the hotel, customer’s booking will be confirmed by electronic mail, phone.
  2. Hotel Bank Account Details are given on our website to ensure making payment faster. The Bank Account Details given on check-out page and contact page are correct, hotel blue heaven in Manali will not refund transaction failure incurred due to wrong account details furnished by the customer.
  3. Online transaction cost per transaction cost is not charged by the hotel but by the respective bank, It is the sole discretion of the customer to make online payment online or by visiting the bank.
  4. Individual above 18 years will be chargeable if extra person added to the persons eligible for the room type.

Cancellation Policy

  1.  Booking reserved for one day is by default turned to cancellation of room due to non-payment of the room reserved. Customer can also cancel the reserved room within one day by writing a mail or phone, or the mail for confirmation arrived in their mail boxes.
  2. Cancellation of room-confirmed will be by notified by email, or phone call, 10 days prior to the booking date confirmed by the customer. 100% of refund will be eligible to the customer upon cancellation of rooms on such terms.
  3. Beyond the period of 10 days, cancellation refund will 50% of the total amount for the confirmed room-type.

Intellectual property policy

All content i.e. media, excerpts, posts, pages, embedded materials, writing material, etc. posted on this website are sole property of Hotel Blue Heaven. Kindly obtain a written approval in case of using its content otherwise, or elsewhere.


We do not track or store cookies on our website, information collected from contact forms are for room reservation/confirmation/cancellation etc. No private nature of information collection tools are embedded in our forms. Customer are open to use their mode of payment and information details by authentic third party payment hosting services. We do not collect any private information like bank details, credit/debit card details from our customers.


Hotel Blue Heaven Manali is not involved in ranking customer inflow analysis of website users. We do work on improving the ranking review on major hosting travel services websites. Users are not required to be members on our website. We do hold the right to remove any inappropriate comment, unjustifiable bad review, foul language, or alike.

Your contact information

The details collected from our contact forms are name, email, and phone number to establish contact for the purpose of booking, we do not share your name, phone number, or email ID with any third party associate.

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