Awesome locations for you to visit in and around. Granted weather conditions favourable, you will be visiting some of the most natural and wonderful locations that will remain in your memory for a long time. Amidst all those hectic times you are immersed in registering yourself, you come back to hotel and find incredible solace.  More about Manali

Manali Town

First and foremost, Manali town itself is a beautiful place to hang out. Manali Mall-Road is all time favourite tourist spot for shopping, visits to temples, monasteries, forest and so on. Market is always buzzing with tourists, gallery of shopping carts, and children playing around. The whole scenario resembles big city like New York-albeit shorter in size.

Manali was central point for silk-route business travellers in ancient time. It is a sub-district with its headquarter located right in the middle of the town. Rakshas, the nomadic hunter tribe and shepherds from Kangra Valley are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of Manali. One of the most popular inhabitants of the city was the ‘nar’. Manali was part of the erstwhile princely state of Mandi which merged with India in 1948.

Manali View

Buddhist Monastery

Tourist Points in Manali

There are several tourist visiting places nearby. These are culturally rich and inherently religious. Several hindu temples and buddhist monasteries are major tourist attractions. One has to find meaningful time passage by visiting to these enshrines.

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